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Florin - engineer- and trade company for the nutrition industry

The Florin company is an engineer- and trade company which has been specialised for the needs of the nutrition industry.

We represent several reputable manufacturing firms which produce machines for the nutrition industry. This is the reason that we can offer whole production plants or production lines in one hand.

Additional we support our sales activities with:

  1. Projecting of complete processing and packaging lines
  2. Sale and intervention of second hand machinery
  3. External quality assurance
  4. Consulting on food laws, regulations and standards
  5. Literature investigations
  6. Product development
  7. Technological consulting
  8. Internal and external training for customers

Our technical division offers:

  1. Design and construction of metal detectors
  2. After sales service and spare part service
  3. Supervising of installation and commissioning of partial and/or complete food production plants
  4. Calculation and optmisations of thermal processeses

We also can offer packaging materials as representatives of:

  1. Glass jars - Oberland Glas AG (Saint Gobain Group)
  2. Closures - Crown Cork & Seal Company
  3. Tin cans - Crown Cork & Seal Company

Last but not least we have a great offer of used machinery coming from the nutrition industry.

For further questions please don´t hesitate to contact us

FLORIN Gesellschaft für Lebensmitteltechnologie mbH

  Daimlerstraße 4  
  47877 Willich (Germany)  
  Phone 00 49 / 21 54 / 91 38-0
  Fax 00 49 / 21 54 / 31 66
  E-Mail info@florin.de